Sonic Pump Studios is a full-service recording studio located in Kalasatama, Helsinki. We offer only the best when it comes to anything music production related, be it the people, premises, mood, or the tech. With 650 square meters of space, two fully armed control rooms and a beautiful sounding live room, the Sonic Pump family of more than ten industry professionals welcomes you to one of Finland’s most popular studios.

Control 1

Control 1 is the studio’s main monitoring room, with the Avid Pro Tools | S6 M40 controller and MTRX / HDX system, with 40 inputs and outputs, as its heart. Serving as main speakers are The Ones by Genelec, with which a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos listening experience is possible. Alongside the main system are a pair of the legendary Yamaha NS-10 Studio speakers. Audiovisual work is a breeze with either a 65″ display or 92″ video projector. As for plugins, you have access to all the UAD plugins and more. With state-of-the-art facilities, air conditioning, and a view over the sea, you will feel at home in this modern monitoring room. For the tools, we have chosen only the absolute best, both from the analog and digital worlds.

Gear C1

Control 2

Control 2 is particularly popular for recording purposes, thanks to the diverse set of sterling microphone preamplifiers. The mobile preamp rack is equipped with 10 channels of both Neve and API, 8 instances of Warm Audio preamps, and 16 units of API 500 series equalizers. The mobile preamp rack can also be used in Control 1. Adding more outboard hardware for large sessions is possible when the need arises. A pair of both Genelec 8040 and Yamaha NS-10 Studio monitors serve as speakers.. Gear C2

Live Room

IMG_7216 as Smart Object-2 THIS The live room offers 70 square meters of acoustic space where all kinds of recording is made easy. The acoustics of the room can also be shaped to your liking with movable walls and thick Molton fabrics. An extensive ocean view makes the room one of the coziest live rooms in all of Finland. There are four additional isolation booths of different sizes, which makes even the most complex of sessions a breeze. The microphone collection covers all your needs, and the 16 channel monitoring system enables every player to have their own mix while performing. Live room gear list



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What is a Finnish studio without a sauna? The 145 kg IKI sauna stove is guaranteed to provide you with full frequency spectrum. There are speakers under the benches, so you can end the day relaxed while checking your mix in the sauna.

Sauna hardware: IKI sauna stove 145 kg, ladle and a bucket.